personal nutrition

Nutritional therapy harnesses the nutrients in food to help the body maintain optimum health. These nutrients fuel all the processes in the body.

An imbalance of certain nutrients can therefore have an effect on the body, manifesting in minor or potentially chronic symptoms.

Nutritional therapy aims to address the underlying cause of your health concerns rather than simply manage your symptoms by applying nutrition science in the promotion of health, peak performance and individual care.

Everyone is different and so too is a nutritional therapy protocol which will be tailored towards your individual needs and goals.

The process starts with an initial 75 minute consultation where Lissa will assess all the systems in the body, your medical history, lifestyle and environment to get an in-depth picture of your overall health and a greater understanding of what may be contributing to your particular concern. If necessary, further tests may be suggested to identify any potential imbalances or intolerances.

Where appropriate and with your consent, Lissa will be happy to liaise with your GP and other health care consultants.

A bespoke nutrition plan will then be devised to focus on your areas of concern and assist the body in maintaining health.

A 45 minute follow up consultation is recommended 6 weeks later to assess how the plan is working and whether any elements need to be amended. Test results (if used) will also be discussed and any new concerns that may have arisen. 

Whether you have a particular health issue you want to address or if you simply wish to boost your energy, vitality and general health, good nutrition can support you on your journey.

I got a great deal out of my nutritional therapy consultation with Lissa. The initial consultation was very thorough and interesting too, with all of Lissa’s questions being fully explained. My Nutrition Plan was full of personalised advice and suggestions. I made some of the changes to my diet and choice of vitamins and supplements and noticed a big difference – especially in terms of my energy levels.
— J.E, London

Lissa practices at the following locations: 

Rize Gym (Chiropractic by Hand)
63 Balham High Road
SW12 9AP

  • Initial Consultation, (75 minutes) and bespoke nutrition plan - £95

  • Follow Up Consultations, (45 minutes) - £45

  • Pre-booked Initial and Follow Up Consultation - £130*

*cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer

Contact Lissa directly to arrange an appointment -

South Molton Street

Appointments and costs are available on request.

Notice of 24 hours is required  for appointment cancellations, otherwise you will be charged an administration fee of £35.